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Hi, I’m Robin Cermak.  That’s me on the left!  Like you probably are, I was very skeptical about “lose weight quick schemes.” I was a gym rat, going at least 5 or 6 days a week. I spent time running, spinning, pumping iron, and training for my next race, but the frustrating thing was that I didn't LOOK like I was in great shape. Then seven years ago I saw the amazing results that my sisters had with Isagenix and figured what did I have to lose? 9 pounds in 9 days!  The results were so great that I continued to use the product, working it into my every day routine, and next thing you know I went from a size 8 to a size 4.  But beyond the weight loss, I also found I had more focus and energy.  I even competed in my first triathlon. 


Fast Forward nine years...


I am now even more in love and passionate about these products than when I started.  Since then, I have used the products to cleanse my body to get ready for my IVF treatment.  I got pregnant on my first try!! Then I used the products everyday while I was pregnant to make sure that my baby was getting everything she needed. I continued to use the products while I was breastfeeding, again, so I was getting all of the amazing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with my baby through my breastmilk. And now I’m using the products to get back to my pre pregnancy weight!  THESE PRODUCTS are for EVERYONE!

I now promote Isagenix as a full-time position and am so happy to be able to help change so many lives by sharing these amazing products! I get to stay home with my daughter, Quincy, and help get people Happy + Healthy!  And wealthy if they are interested in the amazing business opportunity Isagaenix offers as well!


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It explores the new science of the microbiome, our "third brain," and how suporting it with proper nutrition is essential to our body's well being.

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